1. How long do estimates take?

    Estimates take about 20 minutes once you meet your estimators.

  2. Can I walk in for an estimate or do I need an appointment?

    Yes, you can walk in for an estimate, but we recommend making an appointment so you are seen as soon as you arrive. Sometimes there can be a short wait because we try and keep our scheduled appointments on time.

  3. What type of information do I need before I come in for an estimate?

    If you have the responsible insurance company’s name and a claim number please bring it with you.

  4. Can I choose the shop I want my vehicle repaired at? Even if the insurance company requests I go to another shop?

    Yes, you can take your car wherever you would like it to be repaired. It is a California state law. It does not matter if it is an insurance company or a private party pay, you can choose the shop of your choice.

  5. Do I need only 1 estimate?

    Yes, you only need one estimate. It is a California Law. We will be happy to answer any questions the insurance company or responsible party had regarding our estimate.

  6. What if the insurance company has already written an estimate?

    Bring it with you when you come in for an estimate. We will use their estimate as a starting point and we will address any other items with them once we start the repair process.

  7. Is there anything I need to do before dropping my car off for the scheduled repairs?

    Please make sure the trunk is as empty as possible and all personal items you will need are taken with you (garage door openers, Fastrak units, keys etc.)

  8. Is ALL work guaranteed?

    Yes, we offer a Written Lifetime Guaranty on all work performed at Crocketts Premier Auto body.

  9. What insurance companies do you work with?

    Crocketts Premier Auto Body works with all insurance companies.

  10. Why do other shops not collect insurance deductibles?

    BEWARE! There are deceitful shops that will offer you to absorb your deductible in order to get your business. This could result in FRAUD with your insurance company. Shops cannot perform ALL the repairs and replace all the parts that the insurance company pays for if they do not charge the deductible.

    In most cases this practice will result in an inferior repair that may not be detectable when your vehicle is delivered, but it will surface in the future. This will most likely be when you sell or trade your car in that the substandard work will be seen.

    A shop that will cheat your insurance company is likely to cheat you too. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t get involved in an illegal activity as it is not worth the consequences.

    For more information regarding this issue or to report an issue please contact the Bureau of Automotive Repair at (510) 964-3030 or online at www.bar.ca.gov